Monday, 7 November 2011

A fresher at Stratify..

After a, I cannot believe its been so long, 7 yrs my association with my first company (Stratify Inc.), comes to an end this Wednesday.

The beauty of a first job, apart from the financial independence it provides, is the enthusiasm associated with it. I distinctly recollect, as they say, the fire in the belly, when I reported for my first day at work and guess what, I have the same feeling as I head into the next leg of my career.

I can recollect many instances where my colleague's actions/words motivated me to go the extra yard, put in that extra night out to meet our deadlines and above all the expectations the team had from me. I also recollect those long hours spent in 'mandir' which not only bonded us closer as individuals but also motivated us to walk in the next day and give our best.

After days sequenced code, smoke, code, smoke, lunch, smoke, code, smoke and then the freakishly competitive foozball we were all setup for the perfect evening  in mandir full of drinks where we all rubbed off each other's energy.. 

I was also blessed with a guardian who always motivated me and warned me when complacency or over-confidence or politics got the best of me, to him I owe more than any words I can put out here.

I believe that your first long stay at a company, and when I say long I am talking atleast 2 years, goes a long way in shaping you as a professional and what I want to take forward from Stratify is the hardwork, honesty, humility and above all the team spirit which my colleagues have instilled in me and I can only hope that my next adventure is as exciting and enriching as my first has been... So long Stratifyans.. so long.


  1. Good Luck on your new job


  2. Hi Vinod,

    I am getting in touch with you for a position that i think you would be interested in. You can respond to this by calling me on 080 40818012 or by sending me a message on my linkedin profile.



  3. Very well written post Vinod,loved reading it and it pretty much formed a memory bubble(if you must call it),Lot of work,day in day out,breaks,foosball,new releases,cricket tournaments - DD days :)